Thursday, May 4, 2017


Next week is Mother's Day, so I put together a collection of gift ideas. 


Robe: This line has some of the prettiest robes. They have some of softest fabric and I love that they come in various lengths in both the hem and sleeve.
Candle: I am sure you have seen this candle before. The container is so beautiful on its own them when the candle has burn out you can re purpose it for something else. It is definitely on the pricier side but it burns much longer than other candles and fills the home with it's scent.
Pillow Case: Have you heard about these? They are pretty cool. The silk fabric helps keep your hair from damage and actually aids with your nighttime skin care. Regular cotton pillow cases can be drying to both your skin and hair, but this is the exact opposite. I got one back in February and I can definitely see and feel the difference in my hair. Plus it just feels luxurious so sleep on a silk pillow case. 
Bracelet: The inscription on this bracelet is so sweet "heart of gold". My mom has always worn bangles, so this would be absolutely perfect for her. It's kind of funny because if we are in a store together and we get separated from each other, I can her to bangles from when she moves her arm. Its a specific sound, but it reminds me of her. 
Bath Bomb: This company originated in St. Louis and if you are a Real Housewives fan then you will know that Meghan and Jim Edmonds got into the candle business and sell this brand. My sweet friend introduced this brand to me and I am beyond obsessed. The peony scent is everything you could ever want! That sounds dramatic, but it smells AMAZING. They also carry other products like lotions and soaps. Definitely check them out, and if you are in St. Louis, head to Frontenac and shop local :)
Necklace: A piece of jewelry is always a safe way to go when it comes to getting your mom a gift. I love how dainty this one is. It is one of those necklaces that you never have to take off and can layer with so many things. Check out their other designs here. They are packaged with little sweet sayings on the card. 
Earrings: A pair of stud earrings is always a must and these are only $25. It is one of those accessories that I feel everyone should have in their collection.
Nail Polish: Let's face it, having your nails done just makes you happy. It makes you feel just a little bit fancier. A light pink looks great on everyone. Some of my favorite colors are fiji and ballet slippers
Sheet Mask: If you have not tried a sheet mask yet then you are really missing out. Yes you do look like a serial killer when they are on but after you take then off your face just feels amazing. They are so hydrating. This brand makes some really great ones. I highly recommend them. 


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