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I haven't posted too much about my makeup routine, so I wanted to change that! Over the past year I have really been getting into makeup. From primer to false lashes, I love it all. I have come up with my perfect combination for making my face appear flawless and I wanted to share it. I'll make my routine into a four step process and explain how I apply the product and why.

Step 1 Primer: Make Up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer
I used to overlook this step, but it makes a world of difference in how your makeup will last throughout the day. Plus, it creates a barrier between your skin care and your makeup. I was noticing that my foundation would crease in the smile lines I get around my mouth, but now that I use this primer, the lines are gone and my make up looks fresh for hours. With this primer, a little goes a long way. I use the "neutral" color and apply it with my hands to blend it all over my face. There are seven different colors available for different complexion issues. (The bottle in the picture is a sample I got when I purchased Make Up Forever Foundation) 

Step 2 Foundation: L'Oreal True Match Lumi in W4 Natural Beige
To say that there is one perfect foundation would be a total lie. Depending on the season and the amount of coverage you like, you might end up with three or four foundations, but I like using this one because of the coverage it provides. I would say it has a medium coverage but it is easily build-able for this areas that need extra attention. Another reason I love this foundation is because of the price. It is so inexpensive and easily accessible. I like to apply my foundation with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush but I don't like to apply the foundation under my eyes. I like the leave that area bare for the concealer. Finding the right brush for your foundation changes everything. This brush is amazing. It makes your foundation look beautiful and helps blend it into your skin for a perfect air brushed look. I like to first dab the product into my skin and then blend it out in circular motions for that flawless finish. It is also very inexpensive and I have even seen it at Kohl's which is great because they always have coupons! 

Step 3 Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC 20
This is another step that has totally changed my makeup routine. For concealer, I like to go two shades lighter than my foundation. This helps to contour and brighten my face. This concealer is great because it covers anything and doesn't crease easily (all concealers crease, but this one keeps it to a minimum).  I like to apply the concealer with my fingers to warm the product up and then apply in an upside down triangle shape under my eyes and down to the side of my nose. This is why I don't apply my foundation under my eyes because I don't want too much product in such a delicate area where there are naturally wrinkles. If I was just getting ready for a day time look, this would be the only area I would apply my concealer, but if I wanted to glam things up a bit, I would apply it to the area between my eyebrows, down the center of my nose, and the middle of my chin. When I get to those other areas, I used my fingers to apply the product but then I go over it with the MAC 130 brush to make sure everything is blended. Again I stipple or dab with this brush, I don't drag it or you will be moving the product from where you placed it.

Step 4 Setting: NARS Pressed Powder in Beach and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
After I have used all of my liquid products, it is important to set everything with a powder. To keep all of the areas light where I placed the concealer, I use the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish to do so. I apply it with the Real Techniques Setting Brush only on the areas where I placed the concealer. Be sure to really concentrate on the under eye area the reduce the appearance of those wrinkles as much as possible. Press the powder into your skin instead of blending it so the liquid product doesn't get moved around. Secondly, I set the rest of my face with the NARS powder. As you can tell from the photos it is much darker than the MAC powder, but I like this one because it has a very sheer finish. It won't interfere or alter the color of my foundation. I apply it with the Sigma F20 brush. This brush is so fluffy and soft.

I hope this was helpful! It can seem like an awful lot, but it has truly changed everything for me. It photographs really well and once you get the hang of it, it takes no time at all. 
These are the products that I like to use, but of course there are many other products that will work too. This is just what has worked for me. This year was the first time I have ever really used makeup brushes and there is a reason why make up artists use them, because they are amazing. MAC brushes can be really expensive, but if you are just getting started I would highly suggest Simga brushes. They are just as good if not better than MAC brushes and much cheaper. 

   Again, this is only my foundation routine. I also like to contour and highlight my face but that would have to be in a whole other post, or possibly a video tutorial? Let me know what you think!

Thank you again for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

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