Sunday, May 28, 2017


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I really wanted to go to the hot springs in Saturnia, but it turned out that it was about a three hour drive from where we were staying but we were able to find one closer. I have never been to a hot springs before so I was a little unfamiliar with the smells and mush. If you have never been either you wont know what I'm talking about so let me explain. Hot springs smell like sulfur so there is a definite egg smell in the air. Secondly, as soon as your feet touch the bottom of the pool you will feel something mushy around your toes. That was really hard for me to get used to because it reminded me of a pool that hasn't been vacuumed. Im assuming it is normal for them to have that film on the bottom, but I figured it was good for you or something. 
The hot springs were at the top of a hill so the views were amazing. You could see for miles. 

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