Friday, May 26, 2017


DRESS{backordered :(} // BAG // FLIP FLOPS // SUNNIES 
Ahh, Venice. I heard that you would either love it or hate it, and for me...I loved it. There is really nothing like it. We spent the whole day there and I wish we could have stayed longer. We really had no plans, except to make our way to San Marco. Venice a huge maze with bridges that take you from one side to the other. You will get lost but think of it more as an adventure. It's fun not knowing what the next corner holds. Be sure to bring some bread or crackers with your so you can feed the pigeons when to do get to San Marco. They are so trusting that they eat out of your hands and will land on your arm. Or head in some circumstances. Also, be sure to have some change on you. If you need to use the bathroom there is a chance you will have to pay to do so. If you have time, try and go to Burano. We ran out of time, but it is a fun and colorful city by Venice that you can get to by water taxi.

 This dress has been so highly asked about. Even in Venice I got numerous compliments on it. It is out of stock right now, but it looks like they are going to re-stock it, so make sure you sign up for a notification when it does become available. 
If you have any other questions about Venice please ask in the comments below!


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