Wednesday, June 7, 2017


SHOES // DRESS // SUNNIES (blue fade) // PURSE // LIPS (pure hollywood)

Ice cream breaks are a summer essential for anyone. This place was a little more special because their flavors were very unique. Some of the flavors have alcohol and some are just funky and different. I love trying new flavors, but I'm always a vanilla or butter pecan girl. My sister got a sampler thing that came with 5 scoops, one of which had ash in it, but I actually really liked the turmeric flavored one. Never would have thought to put it in ice cream, but hey, why not. This dress is only $28 and I really liked the embroidery detailing. I just got these shoes because I love the style with the thinner heel, but they are not comfortable. I seriously have 5 pair with the thinner heel, but they kill my feet. I love the way they look though. #girl problems. This thicker heel made a world of difference and they were also inexpensive and I know I'll wear them a bunch.

Oh and check out Clementine's if you near Lafayette Square! 


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