Thursday, June 8, 2017



We were only in Padua for about an hour and only saw this main square, but it It was significant to us because it was the first time seeing some real Italian history on our trip. We walked around, harassed a few pigeons and enjoyed the views. I really like this dress, but it is sadly already out of stock. Ill link a few in the widget below hat are similar. The brand is really cute though. They have some really fun stuff. These sneakers are really coming in handy. They look so cute with summer dresses and are only about $40....and they are very comfortable but I do suggest wearing some think no show socks with them. Oh and I thought this scarf was real cute. It dresses up your bags or you could wear it around your neck or as a headband. 
It's almost Friday!! I have one wedding tomorrow and one on Saturday. Gonna be a busy and hot weekend. Hope you have some fun weekend plans coming up!

PS my widgets are messed up from my previous posts...I hope to get it fixed soon :(

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