Thursday, June 15, 2017



When we went to Venice, we went into the Gucci store and I wanted one so bad but they didn't have the color in stock and said that the Florence store would have many more options. Fun fact--Gucci's flagship store is in Florence which makes total sense because Florence is known for their leather. While my husband and I were in Italy we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary and on the morning of our anniversary my husband surprised me by taking me to "The Mall". So this place is what dreams are made of and I couldn't believe that I didn't know about it. They have TONS of designer brands at major discounted prices. Prada, Gucci, Burberry, YSL, Jimmy Choo, and Valentino just to name a few. Sadly they didn't have anything in the Gucci store that I wanted and I didn't want to just buy something and not really want it. But I was able to find these Jimmy Choo shoes. They were about 300 euro ($325-ish US) with tax. Regular retail US price is $525. They also give you a ticket that you can take and get the tax back at The Mall which was about another 20 euro. In order to do this there, we needed our passports, but didn't have them with us so we would have to wait and do it at the airport. The Mall was like a candy land. I only have one high end designer item and I have never really been into these designer stores before, so just being there was a treat for me. I came so close to buying a Burberry trench coat (50% off) which if you have never tried one on, you have no idea what your missing. They are so beautiful and so well made. Next time your near one, just try one on. So, if your are planning a trip tp the Tuscany/Florence area make sure you go to The Mall. Get there early because it's a pretty popular place and they literally bus people in.

Ready to hear the funny story about the shoe box? I would like to start out by saying that I have anxiety. And when I don't feel well, in many different ways, I get anxious. Our last morning in Tuscany we had pesto crapes. They were delicious, but I was hesitant to eat too much of it because pesto can give me indigestion, but I didn't want to not eat pesto, in Italy from a professional chef...didn't seem like an option. We hopped in the car on our way to Cinque Terre. While we were driving I just started to feel weird and had some tummy issues and indigestion. I convinced myself it was from the pesto, which I think it was. So we made it to Cinque Terre, but couldn't check into our next air bnb until two and it was 10:45. Another thing I should mention is that when I get anxious, I have to pee, a lot.  So I have to go sooo bad and it is so hard to find a restroom in Italy! Finally I see a McDonald's. I was so excited. I jump out of the car only to see that it doesn't open until 11. AHHH. I jump back into the car and try to calm myself and hold it for 15 min. Well I couldn't, luckily my shoes from The Mall were still in the car, so I had to pee in the bag my shoes came in. Strike one. I start to at least feel a better because I don't have to pee, so we drive around trying to find a place to park. Then all the sudden I have to pee, AGAIN. Same problem, no restrooms! So I went back in the car and peed in my Jimmy Choo box. Strike two. It wasn't my finest hour, but it was either that or public urination. So that is the reason I didn't get to keep my Jimmy Choo box...because I had to use it as a toilet. Good times.

I'll post some more affordable shoes below.


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