Wednesday, May 31, 2017



I definitely wanted to eat our way around Italy, so when we started planning our trip, I knew I wanted to go to Bologna. I mean that's where bolonagse sauce originated. If you have been to Italy you will know that restaurants close in the middle of the day, so of course the one that I wanted to go to was closed. So that was pretty disappointing to start off our day there. I don't know if it was just the day or what, but Bologna was a BUSY city. Cars and motorcycles everywhere going very fast. It was the hardest city for us to find a place to park. We walked around for a bit, but were pretty crabby by the time we found a parking spot and got settled. Plus it was a hot day and the Fountain of Neptune was closed for restoration. We did however have some spaghetti bolonagse (in a German restaurant) and it was delicious, so I don't want to steer you away from the city. 

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